La Musicasa Dominical Guitar lesson.


For this Dominical beach season 2016-2017 La Musicasa is offering live music on sunsets and nights also the guitar lessons for acoustic or electric guitar for begginers and students.

If you are in Osa’s Dominical or sorroound it and you want to learn to play electric guitar or acoustic, tecnics, modes, improvisation, latin rythm, maintence of the gear and much more. La Musicasa help you to understand the music through the guitar led you to play and learn what you are doing it.

Lessons are in promotion until February 2017 for those who wish to enroll as a beginner (1 lesson at $ 30 and 4 lessons per $ 100). Classes can be at home for an additional cost related to the class.

Holistic tendences to share and learn the information. The lessons time is between one or two hours relative to the student. Learn Latin rythm, rock, funk, instrumental and many more. Also guitar maintenance and the rigth use the instrument.


Call us or led a message and we gonna be in touch soon as is posible : 506 6002 7171

Mail :

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