Next Sunset Tunes at Cafe Mono Congo Dec 29 5:00pm 

This Thursday 29 December 2016 Let’s share some nice environment music  with the delicious vegetarian menu or nice vibrance local delicious cafe cub or why not a craft beer in Cafe Mono Congo. Some blues jazz mood for this sunset at this really cool place, one of the best enveriments to relax and chill in Dominical town so This Friday at Cafe Mono Congo 5;00 p.m your totally welcome to hear a electric guitar speech in blues and jazz idioms for all kind of brains. 
More info : (506) 6002-7171

#nathanaelm #lamusicasa #dominicalbeach #domicrew #playadominical #livemusic #cafemonocongo #monocongo #cafemonoconfodominical #monocongocafedominical #sharingacreativeharvest

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