Sinergistic Alchemy – Winter soltisce on AMRITA.

This December 20 some people get gathering to celebrate this winter soltisce in a peaceful and corporeal beautifull action call «synergistic alchemy» to express their thoughts and celebrate together and stronger this new cicle. This was in Costa Rica, San Jose, Pérez Zeledón Pedregoso town.

A original and powerfull idea from few women that was teaching and sharing in this importan day. There was some sound healing with Vyola Myst. Motivational speech with Sheri Cook and some Qugong from Dina Deilani to the star to develope energy around and isnside us. Beautiful teaching.

The winter soltisce is a time to feel a new energy that overcomes the planet, it is s strong moment to feedback earth with consciousness and the beginning to a new state of vibration.

This day star with Dina Deilani guiding 30m with Qugong to work Chi – light concerning with our breath. Movements to feel our feeds our head and move energy.

It is important the relation we find in this Qugong because looks like «pases mágicos» from Castaneda’s books heritage. But this ones was more continuous and expressed in a unique way.

This season was really great because the calm and concentration that it gets on the practice.

Sherry Cooke talk about this important moment she introduce hers friends and lead the people to a more personal state.

-it is necessary to give a feedback to our environment and expand our spiritual senses to be grateful with Gaia «Pachamama» so let be receptive and spread love to all is around us.-

Some photos from yesterday’s

These pictures depict our journey through breath, movement, intention combined with attention, sacred vocals and frequencies, as we surrender to Spirit’s Love-Light within and all around us. Sherry Cooke👈🏼🎞

The evening pass through and get the sacred sound, sound medicine as Vyola Myst call it. She sing beautifully songs a get in tune our being with some amazing instrumental tecnics.

«Come join us at our beloved Finca Amrita for a solstice ceremony, picnic, campfire, songs, and community gathering. 2 mil donationThe Winter Solstice is a time to let go of the old and get ready for the new, to gather with friends and to celebrate! A solstice ceremony will be offered through the «synergistic alchemy» of Vyola, Dina and Sheri.» From Vyola FB

15 persons or more on was lead and teaching about beautiful information and different technics to expand motions and receptivity. In what they call SOUL-stice Attunement or Synegistic alchemy. Music astrology and gandering mix together to celebrate this cosmic opportunity.

La Musicasa feel really happie to see this kind of actions grow up in the region. We believe in astronomy as one of the guides for receptive creative people. We hope to see more this kind of opportunities and alchemy events. We hope so. Thank you Vyola, Sherry and Dina. 🙏🏼

Nathanael Marín

La Musicasa / Acontecer musical / 2017

🤚🏼More info about this next year and important dates 👈🏼👌🏼

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