Joseph Schmig on La Musicasa. South Pacific Costa Rica.

By Nathanael Marín.

We must remember to be in that moment. That special moment, here and now, and when you hear the call from “the universe” to be present in that moment living in that encounter. Here is someone special, who is bringing to you the words and sensations you die for. Joseph Schmig came as a reference from Jorge Urena Diaz, an amazing musician from Uvita with a great band “Radical Hell” that opened for huge national rock bands and has played on numerous stages all over Costa Rica. Jorge is a crazy punk rock musician but still he saw that Joseph was something special, not average. Soon after meeting, Jorge contacted me asking if he could bring this artist to the studios of La Musicasa to have access to our equipment and expertise. I was in awe of what he brought to our doors at La Musicasa and we began working in the studio immediately.

Joseph has come to us to share some of his inspirations and to record the new material he wrote here in Costa Rica about Costa Rica. He brings a unique style from his home in the Southern United States and from his years of traveling with little more than a backpack and a guitar. The honest, true blues and soul sounds that have developed from experience. His vocals are loud and powerful, his lyrics are deep and intelligent while simple enough all can feel, the performance is free and full of heart. Here at La Musicasa, we love the bluesy-grunge guitar styles and amazing heart he plays with and are really appreciative have met him and to be able to share our space with such an artist

The universe is so magical and special that some people can’t define the source of music or how it is born. Like a spark, it simply happens sometimes. The musician is simply conduit to allow the spark to become an inspiration. In his song, “Waiting for the Rain” Joseph tells of his first days in Costa Rica backpacking and how the rain was difficult for him. At one point he found himself just sitting and waiting on the rain because the sky was so dark and ominous that rain must be coming. This reminded him of all the people in the world at this moment just waiting and hoping the dark cloud of the pandemic would pass and how we hope the “rains” will eventually cleanse us of this time and our fears. In his song “The Extra Mile” he speaks of how giving that little bit of extra effort can mean the difference in life between hardships or greatness. It came from his experience with the stressed relationship between the Ticos/Ticas and the tourist here. He saw people from USA came here to Costa Rica and expected to only pay in dollars and for people to speak English to them etc. And how if they only gave that little bit of extra effort to learn and care about people of another culture how much more they would be appreciated because of their sincere intentions. It reminds us here at La Musicasa that while it is easier to do less/nothing, to do more may be the right choice and make all the difference in your life experience.

“He only had it in his heart to give this music back to Costa Rica”

We have learned so much and have a true sense of inspiration from this amazing talent from Georgia. He is with us only a short time but may his inspiration resonant with us continually. He is traveling around simply, walking and playing guitar wherever he goes asking nothing in return. He only had it in his heart to be able to give his music back to the people of Costa Rica, and was very appreciative that La Musicasa was there to help in this moment. That one special moment, you can not define but are excited to be a part of. He says “Waiting for the Rain” and “The Extra Mile” are a product of Costa Rica for Costa Rica and he appreciates La Musicasa in giving it back the people who helped create it and make it beautiful. He couldn’t have done it without you. Pura Vida.

“Waiting for the Rain” and “The Extra Mile” were recorded and produced at La Musicasa in San Isidro de El General, Costa Rica. “Waiting for the Rain” and “The Extra Mile” are written, performed by, and sole property of Joseph Schmig. “Waiting for the Rain” and “The Extra Mile” features guitar and vocal composition by Joseph Schmig. “Waiting for the Rain” features bass/guitar composition and vocal backup by Nathanael Marín..

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