Sandy Skywatcher* bird artist on La Musicasa

Sandy Skywatcher* give us a feedback

Some times intuition is just hanging of our noses, and get to the right place is about to connect what we see with our courious intuition is always smelling new and old topics. Hear and memory, soul and instinc, are tools we dont use more. We was on our daily rehearseal on drums, and suddenndly some woman was looking us, saluting so happie, like somebody we know…well Sandy stop his car, and ask us about Gibran Tabash sculture here. Something is about to star and is exactly was we was waiting for.


Sandy has a great work experience to create local art maps for adventure to the best of the region and country so If somebody want to link to @Sandyskywatcher for his amazing art conception work is just about right to here.

Let us know if you like this video, and if you are interesting to know about La Musicasa comunity projections and how to participate with your art. Please just wrigth to us to

Nathanael Marín Jiménez.

506 8972 7278

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