Urano en Tauro

Porque nada está desligado de la armonía creativa y de la fuerza musical que sostiene nuestro universo.

Este sábado 17 de Noviembre los astros estarán creando una noche especial para compartir en el Restaurante Gastro Pub #Batsù EN CANAÁN DE RIVAS excelente espacio para el artista y amante del arte de la region; donde desde las 6:00 p.m, tendremos música única a cargo de un invitado especial desde Alemania que nos acompaña para ambientar la noche. Y a las 7:30 p.m. tendremos un concierto especial para construir una celebración única en compañía de músicos Carlos Ugalde y Alonso Álvarado.

Marzo 16 fue una fecha importante.

Astrológicamente; Urano el planeta de los cambios, crisis, innovaciones, tecnología y comunicación al cuadrado. Estará entrando como planeta de la carta astral al signo de Tauro, hablando desde el punto de vista astrológico entrará a su septante en el signo de Tauro. -proceso intermitente por nueve años –

Esto, desde un entendimiento astrologico; implica cambios muy evidentes en nuestra sociedad y el mundo. Disturbios, revoluciones en la sociedad, transformaciones en la manera de ver y percibir los bienes; Arte y disciplinas del buen gusto humano como consignas sociales. Será y es un tiempo para una nueva creación creativa.

Entradas a la venta Ya!

En el area de Canaán de Rivas: Batsù y Hotel de Montaña El Pelícano.

San Isidro : Trincheras Expresión artística.

Valor :₡2000 día del evento :₡2500

El cosmos y todo en el está vibrando siempre. Los planetas tienen una frecuencia y según Platón existe una armonía única entre ellos. Esto ha llevado a muchas culturas a estudiar los astros y su influencia en nuestros pequeños universos internos.

La astrología disiplina ridiculizada en la actualidad-curiosamente muy atacada y distorsionada en la mayoría de medios de canalización social de la mente. Contiene sutileza y precisiones con muchas similitudes y relaciones; históricas, astrológicas e incluso físicas a comportamientos entre los planetas cercanos y nuestros propios centros.

Ticket “entrada” to sale on El Pelícano , Batsù, and Ttincheras. Price is lower if you buy thee ticket. ₡2000

♉️ 🎵 The night is totally conditioned to be a astrological event with music and a great and underground environment.

We gonna sing to the river, the rain and dance becasuse there’s no such a think like a low season in a high mountain. Every body welcome. Music since 6:00p.m. With Mathias Betz from Germany and at 7:30 p.m. Live music concert with Nathanael Marín, Carlos Ugalde and Álonso Álvarado. Especial original music created for this event, Spanish and English songs. Blues, Folk, World and experimental latin fusion.

“Como músico, considero que el universo está en un sinfonia constante, los planetas y condiciones dadas por esta dimensión pueden ser utilizadas para generar texturas sonoras y emotividades exclusivas. Y esta es la intención musical creada para esta noche y su disfrute.”

Nathanael Marín.

Description of …

Description of my music work.

Hi my name is Nathanael Marìn Jiménez. I was born May 9 1984, A “Kej” on Nautlh calendar and Tauro On West astrology. One of the oldest memories have is me playing with a plastic cowboy on the wood’s fretboard with a toy guitar woth fishing strings. When I have 10 years old my dad took me in a drum set class. That change my music perception forever. At eleven years old I star to study guitar and today I keep studing the instrument. .Love to learn and play the guitar ever day.

I been playing and singing music on severals bands projects it is always original material in southern pacific area of Costa Rica.  I realice my first alone album call VENUS in 2014 and im always recording my self or others people. Now I’m working on my music performance on country town and share experiences with local musician. As a musician I like to present my sounds in multiple music formats alone or with band. as Nathanael M.

I play original experimental music, Love all kind of genres: rock, Bossa, Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Prog, Metal,Folk always mixing and sharing playing experiemental and with a latin touch. I have been playing around with good local musicians and so many others friend of the word. Thanks to this experiences I been teaching my self sharing with others in creative actions using my brand La Musicasa.

I like the experimental environment sounds with electric guitar effects, psychedelic, latin, and any kind of world music. I think the constant of this multiverse is rhythm. music as well is frequencies and numbers. But how we use or skill our knowledge can change the sorround lack of conciseness.

Remember our selfs as music tools

I been experiment music from many faces and times and music it is a bless. This art enlight my path and bring especial opportunities to learn and share as a medium sometimes –I say places like the dimension that music bring because i think music is in itself a dimension or a intention of it.- If we can have the strong to vibrate and control the music we recibe-express, we can create a entire dimensions or spiritual, physics or tools with our music power and balance.

On this dimension a true law is rhythm is in everything so when we think in music actually we are using the arquetipic pattern we had to create a dimension or a things, Because something creative create us or this dream we percibe, call this any way you want. Some how we are here to feel the environment as a perfect sistem, I don’t think it was randomness.  I think theres was a moment in time when a obviously will with a particular intention use creativity to create life. Only in caos creativity aross ¿Some god song?

The mind make and analice and layer everything in universe. It its a logical and mystical answer. A answer that describe the same world that contain it.

Ramdon can’t create life, you need a lot of faith to believe this if you face tha facts that theres intuition in the created world, and for sure theres rhythm. So when we thing, this is the first step, it is not play, or move, it is think… and then When we express this music thought with our body in some level we are repeting the same first action or intention that created this world.

Emptiness is part of the creativity, when emptiness happenss we I become just in tools for the music. We don’t rule it we are just sacred instruments music create his own speech alone. So let the music use us like their tools.

The native aborigen have the idea that hummingbirds bring the life from the sun to flowers and then flowers fertilize the earth to be alive. But we all know the direction of the hummingbird intentions it is opposite… so there`s a mystical way to see what we think is a normal process. The sound we carry, think and express some times on some people are just a message from out side of this dimension. My own path to see music throw a electric guitar a infinite sound symbol. More than a work music has become in the near extension of  god in my life.

I used to move between diferentes skills so sometimes I work in my own music production brand; we do music news, live performances, open mic, literature time and music school called “La Musicasa”  It was in my own house since 2012. and since that time have been trying to create a positive effect in the surround community with my work teaching every age and kind of people.

I record this experiments and have been filmed by a team of friends or local pioneers young guys with this record I have a file of my focus in diferentes moments of my work. For sure my web side is gonna be mirrow for all my actions, sound and symbols and more. If you feel part of this country is this woman that asked taken over my home and Profe you can be part of us. How? Well you can contac me or text us to : lamusicasapz@gmail.com

Nathanael Marín Jiménez.
Mayo 2016

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Sinergistic Alchemy – Winter soltisce on AMRITA.

This December 20 some people get gathering to celebrate this winter soltisce in a peaceful and corporeal beautifull action call “synergistic alchemy” to express their thoughts and celebrate together and stronger this new cicle. This was in Costa Rica, San Jose, Pérez Zeledón Pedregoso town.

A original and powerfull idea from few women that was teaching and sharing in this importan day. There was some sound healing with Vyola Myst. Motivational speech with Sheri Cook and some Qugong from Dina Deilani to the star to develope energy around and isnside us. Beautiful teaching.

The winter soltisce is a time to feel a new energy that overcomes the planet, it is s strong moment to feedback earth with consciousness and the beginning to a new state of vibration.

This day star with Dina Deilani guiding 30m with Qugong to work Chi – light concerning with our breath. Movements to feel our feeds our head and move energy.

It is important the relation we find in this Qugong because looks like “pases mágicos” from Castaneda’s books heritage. But this ones was more continuous and expressed in a unique way.

This season was really great because the calm and concentration that it gets on the practice.

Sherry Cooke talk about this important moment she introduce hers friends and lead the people to a more personal state.

-it is necessary to give a feedback to our environment and expand our spiritual senses to be grateful with Gaia “Pachamama” so let be receptive and spread love to all is around us.-

Some photos from yesterday’s

These pictures depict our journey through breath, movement, intention combined with attention, sacred vocals and frequencies, as we surrender to Spirit’s Love-Light within and all around us. Sherry Cooke👈🏼🎞

The evening pass through and get the sacred sound, sound medicine as Vyola Myst call it. She sing beautifully songs a get in tune our being with some amazing instrumental tecnics.

“Come join us at our beloved Finca Amrita for a solstice ceremony, picnic, campfire, songs, and community gathering. 2 mil donationThe Winter Solstice is a time to let go of the old and get ready for the new, to gather with friends and to celebrate! A solstice ceremony will be offered through the “synergistic alchemy” of Vyola, Dina and Sheri.” From Vyola FB

15 persons or more on was lead and teaching about beautiful information and different technics to expand motions and receptivity. In what they call SOUL-stice Attunement or Synegistic alchemy. Music astrology and gandering mix together to celebrate this cosmic opportunity.

La Musicasa feel really happie to see this kind of actions grow up in the region. We believe in astronomy as one of the guides for receptive creative people. We hope to see more this kind of opportunities and alchemy events. We hope so. Thank you Vyola, Sherry and Dina. 🙏🏼

Nathanael Marín

La Musicasa / Acontecer musical / 2017

🤚🏼More info about this next year and important dates

https://www.facebook.com/rolando.zunigasalazar/posts/1774846619223799 👈🏼👌🏼

La Musicasa en Rivas Pérez Zeledón

Oferta de servicios Rivas 2016.jpg

Hi every body, this year La Musicasa gonna be offering music lessons in the comunity of Rivas, Canaán and Los Angeles.The lessons can be flexible about time, how many people and the goals, We are using holistic tecnics and can bring the lesson in englis and spanish. More information on the ad./

Saludos Cordiales, este año La Musicasa estará ofreciendo lecciones especiales en la comunidad de Rivas y los sectores de Los Angeles, Canaán y Rvas centro.Estamos utilizando una metodología holística, las lecciones son individuales ó privadas según se comvenga anteriormente. Más información al respecto en la publicidad.

Cualquier duda pueden llamar y preguntar precios, horarios y más, estamos para servirle.

/ Any question please call us, it will be such a pleasure to help you.

(506) 2771 21 40

Cabildo Cultural en La Musicasa / Luna llena Julio 30

                                            La Musicasa 30 Juilo 2015 1er Cabildo Cultural


Con la intención de generar sonidos y tejidos de fraternidad en nuestra comunidad por medio de la musica, la musicasa le invita cordailemnte este proximo Jueves 30 de Julio, a compartir un día de música y actividades lúdicas.  Este Jueves 30 de Julio, noche de luna llena, estaremos celebrando acústicamente las energías motoras de la luna llena, con una actividad para aprender sobre la música con profesionales musicos locales e internacionales, y crear sinapsìs de vida entre al comunidad.

1er Cabildo Cultural La Musicasa

Cabildo Cultural en La Musicasa

12:30  Apertura de La Musicasa y recepción de invitados

1:00 Recepción e inscripción ventas de comida cruda.

2:00  Taller de Musica con Nathanael Marín  :

“Dejando que la musica nos pula como su instrumento ”

4:00  Taller de Musicoterapia con Vyola Myst

” A sound healer ”

5:00   Participación de  Paloma y el grupo Tierra

7:00  Charla abierta sobre la cultura musical generaleña.

8:00  Concierto especial con Guadalupe Urbina

9:00 Cineforo

Además durante el día:

Venta de comida Italiana ” L special ” con Chris Linea

Cuota voluntaria de ¢ 2000,
“Valore a los artistas y los espacios donde se da arte ”


Visión subjetiva de una peregrinación a Pèrez Zeledón por MAUZ

Una visita a nuestra musicasa de “Tio Mao”

(como le conocemos de cariño)

Mauricio Zuñiga un colaborador de nuestro camino, comparte con nostros sus registros fotograficos en este “slide” de fotos con caracter muy propios de nuestro encuentro.

Aquí les dejamos con el enlace de servicios profesionales MAUZ


Gracia Mauricio por compartir.

Nathanael Marín y sus cantos a la vida en primer Festival Brinca Brunca 2015

En consecuencia del increíble Festival Brinca Brunca y como parte de un intento por cambiar nuestro entorno con arte y actividades lúdicas. Estaré sonando con dos grandes músicos de la zona; Luis Gustavo Ortega y Jota Aragón sonidos de vida. Además compartiremos con músicos de Latinoamérica y el mundo entero hoy en El Prado a las 7:00 p.m. Les esperamos tendremos muchas sorpresas.


Nathanael Marín presentación musical en Canaán de Rivas

Estoy muy agradecido y sumamente emocionado por esta invitación a celebrar el primer asentamientos pedagógico en Rivas de Pérez Zeledón y el legado que don Enrique Obregón sembró en nuestras tierras.  Estaré compartiendo mis cantos a la vida con dos talentosos músicos de la zona; Gustavo Ortega y Jota Aragón en esta maravillosa actividad cultural. […]


Comienza el grupo de percusión africana de La Musicasa

Esta tarde se impartió y compartió en la tercera clase de percusión y sabiduría africana en #lamusicasa El profesor Cyril Dupuy compartió sus enseñanzas con los integrantes del primer grupo de percusión africana de La Musicasa.

Cyril vive en Rivas de Pérez Zeldón y trabaj en la fabricación de instrumentos de percusión africanos y de todo tipo.

Más al: 8718-7672

Para más información sobre el grupo de La Musicasa contactar al 8573-7361

Generando conciencia y conocimiento en La Musicasa